Monday, 10 June 2013

Sensational Singers!

Opera is a place where the best and the finest singers and musicians gather to perform a dramatic work of art with the association of a wide array musical masterpiece by various artists/group of singers. Most of the time, operas are being incorporated to broad way shows and other theatrical shows. Though, Opera, broad way shows, and other theatrical shows may seemed like they don’t have any difference; Opera focus mainly in performing musical related shows such as singing.

From theaters, let’s go to the kitchen. Yes, you read it right, kitchen! This is the place where food/s is being cooked. In kitchen, you won’t find any Opera Singers, but instead chefs and waiters; a totally different environment from Opera, obviously! But what has that to do with it?

In Australia, there is a group of professionals where the collaboration of Opera Singers is paired up with waiters and chefs. These singing waiters are exceptionally promising not just in serving the food, but also with singing. Combining this majestic artistry coming from two different worlds/fields sums up a tremendous amount of world class entertainment and service; though, Opera Singers and singing waiters and chefs comes from two different worlds, their common grounds – singing, binds everyone in the group to be harmonious when it comes to singing.

Apart from their exceptional voice, you will surely be amazed with their terrific performance especially if you’re an event planner/organizer. These Opera singers’, singing waiters and chefs comes with a complete set of package of entertainment with various themes which are specifically designed to match our valued customer’s event!

Some of these themes are Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Corporate, and other forms of events and/or occasion which requires primarily of entertainment. Other forms of event/s includes: concert & recital, Jazz/Cabaret, surprise singers, Opera singers, singing waiters and chefs, and a lot more! So talk about versatility and being artistic – this group of artists has it all! What more can you ask for?

And to think that this group of artists is well trained, well experienced, and performs with world class quality, there’s no doubt for that considering that most of these artists are 15 years already in terms of experience and that of great performance, you can surely entrust that they will make your event become successful in terms of entertainment.

So if you’re planning for an event, regardless of the occasion, but is having a hard time thinking what kind of program to put on your list regarding entertainment, stop the thinking already and put an end to your stress! This group of Opera singers, singing waiters and chefs will do the job for you, saving you from all the hassle, trouble and hard time of thinking and preparing! All you have to do is just enjoy, relax and celebrate whatever occasion you’re in. Anyway, it’s not every day you happen to see a group Opera singers, singing waiters and chefs performs in one place/event! So take advantage of this one of a kind experience and get ready to be entertained!

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