Monday, 2 June 2014

Need some help with your Christmas party entertainment? Call some singing entertainers

Make your Christmas party, a fun party for your kids and friends. Companies like Singers For Hire provides singers for every kind of events. They have performed and entertained guests for many parties.

Christmas Party Entertainment

The Christmas party is the time when you have your family and friends all together, ready to have a blast. A Simple music system will not be enough, get some of the professional singers from Singer For Hire. They have variety of singers and here is the list of some singers:

•    Xmas Singing Waiters: Xmas Singing Waiters include chef and undercover singers. You can surprise your guest with our singing chef, who has amazing talent for high notes and from nowhere few undercover singers will join him. This musical fun will blast your guests with entertainment.

•    Xmas Sassy Sister Trios: Need something, which is new and unique for entertainment at your Christmas party? Give our Sassy Sister a chance. They can sing new and old hits. They can also rock you with Madonna hits and beyond.

•    Decade Divas Christmas Act: Two girls singing with a powerful statement of style which will take your guest on a ride of songs which starts from 1930 to 90s. From kids to older adults, everyone can enjoy their act.

•    The Christmas Belles:  Gorgeous girls can astound you with their caroling talent. The trios have entertained with their warm smiles and performances
These all singers are not just some handpicked singers taking care of your Christmas party entertainment. All are professional singers who havea record of accomplishment in theaters and Opera Houses.

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Looking for Christmas party entertainers in Sydney? There is someone, who can take care of your entertainment needs

Singers For Hire company has Christmas party entertainment Sydney based service which provide professional singers for Christmas parties. They take pride in providing some amazing talent for party events.

Checkout undercover entertainers

Let us say, you and your guests are having quiet Christmas party, eating some starters and gulping nice wine and suddenly a group of undercover singers changes the environment of the party with their performance. Seems quite an idea, isn’t it? Singers for hire have great selection of singers in Sydney to choose for your Christmas party. Here is few options you can take:

•    Singing Waiters: A singer dressed in Chef’s dress will appear to take compliments for food and he will end up singing in his amazing voice that will surprise your guest. He won’t be alone, few undercover singers will stand up and join him, creating a party atmosphere.

•    Sassy Sisters: This three sister are well known for their entertainment values. They will sing songs from new to old. Everyone will be compelled to dance on their tunes.

•    Decade Divas: As name suggests these girls are divas of beauty and voice. They have different style and they sing songs from 1930 to 1990s. This makes guests of every age like them.

•    Christmas Belles: These girls have great caroling talent. They are perfect for the Christmas party. With their warm smile and performance, they lighten up the party environment.

Singers for Hire company has Christmas party entertainment Sydney based service which includes some of the best theater and Opera House performers from Australia.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Celebrate your company’s success with great entertainers

Cooperate Entertainment event is a great way to celebrate your success. It is a time when you celebrate your success with your employees and clients. But if you want your party to be a success, you need a professional entertainment service that can make your celebration a hit.

There are services, which provide singers for parties like Singer for Hire. This company provides singers to entertain your guests. They have fifteen years of experience of providing world-class services. They have successfully entertained people in cooperating functions. They provide great options to choose from and here is the list:
•    They have collection of Jazz and Cabaret singers, which are hand-picked. They can perform solo, duet, or trios. Performers have close links with jazz musicians, if you want more.
•    Opera Catz! Two sensational singers in cat outfit with high heels and mask. This duo has won over many hearts in corporate events.
•    If you want an elegant style entertainment, we have Opera singers, which are considered as one of the best in Australia.
•    Sassy Sopranos have shown their charm and voice with their informal style. They have performed hits like Lakme Duet, O Mio Babbino Caro and many more.
•    With their singing waiters, you add a touch of unique fun in your event. These singing waiters have contracts with many theaters and The Sydney Opera House.
•    Three Tenor Corporate Entertainers will make you cooperate event a hit among your staff and clients.
They have many more options to offer for your corporate entertainment event. Just choose the entertainer you want and leave the rest of their talent.

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